Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tick, Tock . . .

In our fast-paced, information-overloaded world, time is a highly traded commodity. We work, we play, and if you’re a writer, in between somewhere, you find time to write. That’s hard enough. Add to that, research, publicity, reading inside your genre, outside your genre,reading for your own guilty pleasure, and checking out those “must read classics”, and you’ve got a seriously over-scheduled life.
Here are my top three tricks to “buy” time to read:
1.       I do not own a television. I don’t recommend this to everyone, but, you’d be surprised how much time it frees up. Try having a “no TV night”, and read instead.

2.       I read everywhere. No, seriously, I do—in line at Wendy’s, waiting for gas to pump, waiting at the ATM, lunch time at work—wherever my body is required but my mind isn’t.

3.       I listen to Audio Books. With headphones and an MP3 player, you can do this anywhere. You can go to your local library and join NetLibrary, and “check out” audio books from home for free. For less than twenty bucks a month, you can join Audible. Their selection is pretty awesome.

But, let me tell you, a girl has to have her priorities. So, if I had a choice between getting to know this guy and reading a book. . .well . . .

How do you find time for that TBR pile?

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  1. I read ebooks on my smartphone. I always have it with me so I can read where ever I go. Makes it real easy to get my addiction fed! LOL