Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Silver Flash

It's Wednesday, and we're getting our Flash on!

This week's prompt is "The hotel was $19.99 for a reason. And you were there for reasons of your own ... but not the kind everyone might think." I got a lot of requests to continue Marek and Brody’s story, so here it is . . .

Broken Promise, II
With a blizzard lashing snow against the window, and the sun just below the horizon, the closet was my only hope.

“You will tell me,” Marek said. He gripped Julian’s hair so hard, I was sure I’d see blood at the roots. “Or I will make your eternal life a nightmare.”
Between clenched teeth, Julian said, “You’re too late for that party. Get off me.”
With a casual toss, Marek threw Julian across the room, sending him crashing into a paper thin wall. Someone thumped on the other side of the wall and cursed in muffled tones.
Julian got up, shook off plaster, and moved past his brother to the tiny window where the storm was rattling the glass.
It was definitely lighter outside. I went over to the closet, opened it, and peered inside. Barely big enough.
I closed the door, leaned against it, and eyed both vampires.  They were as far from each other as they could get in the small room. There was no way to tell they were brothers. Julian’s blonde hair was low to his scalp in a military cut that emphasized his blue eyes and his high cheekbones. In his worn black leather jacket, with blood trickling from his lips, he could have been a biker after a long night drinking and brawling.
Marek’s black hair fell past his wide shoulders, straggling around his face from the fight. His floor length leather duster did nothing to hide his muscled, harder than stone body.
 “Are you two planning on killing each other or are you just going to stand around and melt in the sun?” I said.
“Brody, this - -”
I finished for Marek. “Is none of my concern,” I said. “Yeah. I know. But I’m caught in a blizzard in a $19.99 a night hotel in the middle of nowhere with two pissed off vampires. One of you is the man I love.” I met Marek’s eyes. “And the sun’s about to rise. So answer my question.”
Julian eased down on a rickety wooden chair and put his booted feet up on a table that wobbled under the weight. “I was thinking I’d wait till the storm got so bad, we’ll be snowed in till next March, then I could stake my brother and put his body in deep freeze outside.”
Marek crossed the room in a second, his teeth bared, growling. He smashed his fist into his brother’s chest, driving him to the floor, shattering the wooden chair to splinters. “You take the fate of our people as a joke. For centuries, I have allowed it.”
 “You worry too much, brother.” Julian pushed himself up and brushed off dust.
“And you,” Marek said, “worry too little.”
“It’s just a Hunter uprising. “ Julian was back at the window, his eyes on the snow. “My warriors are trained, armed, blooded. What do you think can go wrong?”
“You expect me to trust your band of mercenaries?”
“Doesn’t look to me like you have a choice,” Julian said quietly.
None of this made sense. Barely two weeks ago Marek had swept me into his arms, carried me all the way home, and marked me as his mate. Now he was at war.
I didn’t know who the Hunters were or why they wanted a fight, but I knew the sky was getting too light too fast. I eyed the closet. If they squeezed in, they would both fit. I could stuff sheets and towels along the bottom to keep out the light. But I had no idea how I’d get them in there.

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