Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Silver Flash

We’ve been hard at work to bring you bling-bling, virgins, bite size fiction and big time fun!
Welcome to the Silver Flash . . . .
The prompt this week is, “There’s only one way out of this . . .”
Marek and Brody’s story continues . . . 

Broken Promise, V
They’d been driving for less than half an hour when Greyson started cursing in a low monotone that would have made a sailor sound like Mother Goose.
“I thought you checked the engine,” Marek said, barely holding back the rage behind his words.
The truck stalled out, leaving them in eerily silent falling snow. “It’s not the engine,” Greyson said. “We’re out of gas.”
In a perfectly even voice Marek said, “Have you betrayed us?”
“Yeah.” Grayson jammed the gear stick into Park. “I always wanted to freeze to death in the snow after two pissed off vampires ripped out my guts.”
The swirling white beyond the windows grew faint shadows. Men moved toward the truck like hunters stalking prey. In their hands, steel glinted in the rays of the full moon’s light. They had to be vampires because Brody didn’t see any coats. Some of them were shirtless, their muscled bodies bared to the blowing  snow.
“There’s only one way out of this . . .  ” Julian said.
But Marek cut off his brother before he could finish. “I won’t bargain with them.”
“I’m not after a bargain,” Julian said, his grim eyes on the wide circle of vampires. “I’ll settle for not waking up staked in the sun.”
“Shouldn’t they be attacking?” Brody said. The Hunters weren’t closing in. They stood utterly still, unmoved by the wind, undaunted by the numbing cold that was creeping into the metal cab of the truck.
“It’s one thing to defy me,” Marek said. “Even challenge me to battle.” Brody barely stopped himself from flinching at the dark fury on Marek’s hard face. He was all warrior. The lover who held him tight and whispered his name just before he came was gone.  “It’s another to offer harm to my mate.”
The circle of vampires seemed ready to wait forever. Cold air seeped into the truck, stealing through secret places. “They won’t hurt me?” Brody said, wondering how he’d ended up in the middle of a vampire battle. “I mean, I don’t smell like barbecue on the grill to them or anything do I?”
“They can’t,” Julian said. “Other Hunters would go after them. It’s against our Ways.”
Brody moved fast. “Then I go first.” He unlocked his door, and even there, about to risk his life, he took a secret delight in saying to Marek, “Big bad vampires stay behind me. I’ll keep you safe.”
“Good one,” Julian said, before Brody even saw Marek move.
Marek lunged across Brody and slammed down the lock on his door. “Sometimes you act as though you had as much sense as my brother.”
“He means that in a good way,” Julian said.
Marek shot him a narrow look. “Where are your warriors?”
Beside Brody, Marek’s face slipped into something less than human, as if a beast lurked just under his skin. Brody didn’t think he needed any mercenary warriors. He looked fierce enough to take on all the Hunters by himself. “If this is one of your games, brother, I’ll fly you to the Sahara and stake you in the dunes.”
Eyes closed, his head against the backrest, Julian said in a low, unhurried voice, “With or without sunscreen?”

Silver Flashers on stage this week are. . .
Lily Sawyer (M/M) <<flash virgin!!>>
L. M. Brown (M/M) <<flash virgin!!>>


  1. Way to deliver tension, Ryssa! Can't wait to see what happens! Great flash!

  2. Another great flash Ryssa, looking forward to the next one!


  3. With or without sunscreen... *snort* HUGS Rj x

  4. Can I join your Silver Flashers group? It sounds like fun. =D

  5. Oh I can't wait to see what happens next week!

  6. Julie, Dee: Thank you!
    Victoria: Glad you liked it!
    RJ: You see how Julian gets?
    William: Thank you. I'll e-mail you.
    Sui: Next? What do you mean? Kidding.

  7. I'm hooked on this story. Julian has the best lines too.

  8. Great, Ryssa. I really liked this alot

  9. Love the drama and action you have going in this story. I don't think I have read any m/m vampire stories before this one - my m/m reading is clearly sorely lacking.

  10. Thanks, L.M. Writing m/m vampire stories is a lot of fun.