Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Silver Flash

It’s time for . . . the Silver Flash!
What do a playground, a pier and a diamond have in common?
Those three words were the prompt items for this week. Read on to find out how the Silver Flashers put them together.
And a special shout out to Reese Dante for designing our awesome Silver Flash badge artwork. . . thanks Reese!

Broken Promise, VI

The three trucks barreling through the snow were big enough to be tanks. The circle of Hunter vampires broke like water in the wake of speed boats. Julian’s phone rang.
“We’re out of gas,” he said. “And you’re late.”
The trucks came straight for them. They skidded to a stop an inch too close for Brody’s comfort. Suddenly they were surrounded in a ring of impassable steel. Doors opened and slammed shut. Warriors dropped to the ground in a crouch, knives and short swords in their hands. The wind whipped their long hair around their hulking bodies. Four of them took up positions in a circle around the truck, facing outward, long curved knives in their hands.
Greyson reached for his door, but Julian stopped him. “No. I’ll check the tank. Be ready to go.”
He was out and moving almost before the last word was out of his mouth, then Brody felt something sliding under the truck. In seconds, Julian was up and running. A warrior met him halfway and tossed him a red plastic gasoline container. Whatever else he might be, Julian was all business when it came to defending his brother. He moved so fast he was a blur, then he was banging on the window and signaling Greyson, two thumbs up.
He glanced in the rearview mirror, and met Marek’s eyes. “Boss?”
Marek opened his door, but Julian was there, blocking his way. “My men say the Hunters want you to talk to them.” He looked away before he said, “They feel safer talking if you stay in the truck.”
“They trust mercenaries, but not their leader?”
Julian didn’t roll his eyes, but it was close. “You giving an audience or not?”
Brody shivered in the frigid air blasting in through the open door.
“Greyson,” Marek said. “The heat. It’s too cold for him.”
The truck started with a throaty roar and Brody leaned between the seats, grateful for the warm air blowing against his face.
Marek ran his fingers through Brody’s hair and turned to face his brother. “Bring the Hunter. I agree to remain inside the truck until the talking is done.”
Julian nodded over his shoulder. One of his mercenaries came out of the snow. His blonde hair flew in the wind. His blue eyes were hard and cold as diamonds glinting in sunlight. He threw a vampire to his knees. The Hunter landed between Marek and Julian.
“What do you ask?” Marek said.
“We have no voice in your counsels. Our needs go unanswered,” the vampire said. “We had no choice. You wouldn’t listen.”
“So you lure us onto your playground with knives and threats?” Marek said.
Brody didn’t know if the snow felt cold to the vampire on his knees, but he looked uncomfortable. And scared. Like a man heading for a long walk off a short pier. “We meant no disrespect,” the Hunter said.
“If it was me,” Julian said, “I’d be telling him what I’m asking for. He’s about two seconds from taking off your head and starting in on the others.”

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Julian. If you think Julian should get his own story, leave a comment and let me know. That way Julian’s alligator at the door won’t think you’re snack food on the way out. . . kidding. Sort of.

Silver Flashers on stage this week are . . .


  1. Nice! And yeah, Julian should definitely get his own story.

  2. Wow, Ryssa, so intense! And do great minds think alike or what? *high fives you*

    Julian - own story - I vote yes! *tosses the alligator a people snack on the way out door*

  3. So I only had time to read your last flash and this one, but let me tell you I'll be reading the others as soon as I get the chance. This is mad exciting. Can't wait for more! :)

  4. should I be afraid of the alligator?

    nice story Ryssa.

    I look forward to next week's flash story.

  5. Loved your use of the 3 words, Ryssa!

  6. Yes Yes YES to Julian getting his own story!! :D Not that I don't love Marek's story, but I def wanna know what's up with Julian

  7. Pender: Thank you!
    Julie: the alligator says thanks for the snack . .
    Heatherlin: thanks. . .
    lily: no, he only eats virgins. . :)
    Victoria: Whew! it was tough . . .

  8. CJ. . . Julian says he'll tell me his story, but I'm worried. He says I have to bring a snack for the alligator!

  9. Oh, yes.. definitely he needs his own story... and I love this one...

  10. LB. . thanks. Hmmm. . . *looks around*. . . Julian's getting all the votes. I wonder how he's doing that? Or do I want to know?