Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Silver Flash

We’ve got vampires and saber tooth cats and spaced out lovers, oh my!
Welcome to Silver Flash. . . come on in. . . bite size fiction, big time fun . .
The story of Marek and Brody is winding down to an end. Julian is up next. But for now, here’s the nearly final chapter of Marek and Brody . . . 
Broken Promise, X
“What do you mean gone?” Marek shut his eyes, jamming the phone closer to his ear.
Brody stepped around Marek, heading for the sound of low groans coming from the darkness. But before he’d gone more than two steps, Marek was in front of him, one hand out, like a traffic cop. He shook his head and ran his fingers absently through Brody’s hair.
“Come back,” Marek said, and ended the call. He reached behind him and pulled his office door shut. “Let me take you up to my rooms.”
It was happening again. Marek his lover was gone. Brody was with the warrior king, and he wasn’t asking. He was telling. But still. “I’m done letting you move me around like I’m the car in Monopoly. I’m not budging till you tell me what’s going on,” Brody said.
“Apologies, my heart.” Marek took his arm and herded him toward the steps, moving so fast, Brody was nearly swept off his feet. “Greyson, seal the house.” He stopped and turned to the half-breed. “Every door, every window, on every level. Understood?”
Greyson ran his big hands down his body, fingers subtly pressing, probing. Checking that arsenal he walked around with, Brody thought.
“Who’s coming?” Greyson said.
With a glance at Brody, Marek said, “Do as I say.”
They were almost to the second landing when the front door blasted open. Julian was there with two of his warriors hulking in the shadows behind him. The mercenaries eased past him and spread out on the ground level, knives drawn. Julian climbed the steps, his eyes on Brody. “I can smell him from the front gates. Get him behind stone and glass.”
“What’s - - ”
But Marek didn’t let Brody finish. He muscled him up the steps, murmuring softly, “I’ll be with you. There’s no danger to you. Hurry, Brody.”
No danger? Then why were they practically running up the steps two at a time?
Julian breezed past them in a rush of metal and leather. From the dark at the top of the steps he said, “I told you it would go like this.”
“Share your thoughts on my reign later,” Marek said between breaths. “How many did you see outside?”
Marek stopped moving so fast, Brody was yanked back as he leapt from one step to another. “That’s hardly an invasion force.”
Grabbing Brody’s other arm, Julian said. “They’re scouts. Get him up here.”
Feeling a little like a wishbone caught between two giants, Brody said, “If you don’t both let go of me, I swear, I’ll cut myself.” He looked from Julian to Marek. “Then they’ll smell me for miles, won’t they?”
The vampires froze, met each other’s eyes, then let their hands fall away.
His eyes on the front door at the bottom of the steps, Julian said “His guards are gone, probably dead. I can seal the top floors, but I won’t do you any good if you’re standing here looking at my pretty face. Go.”
Marek, whose face had gone desperate, swung Brody over his broad shoulder and ran up the next two flights. The walls went by in a blur.
Behind them Julian had drawn his knives, and he was coming up the stairs backward and fast, as if he’d done it a hundred times.
“Don’t just pick me up like that,” Brody said. “What the hell?”
That will come back to haunt you,” Julian said over his shoulder. “Humans have long memories when you piss them off.”
Marek put Brody down as fast he’d picked him up, and turned to Julian. “Brother - - ”
“I know you’re mad at me,” Julian said. “Take a number. The line’s backed up to China last time I checked.” He gave his brother a hard shove. “Move.”
Low rhythmic banging started on the front door. A steady scratching sound, as if long, sharp talons were gouging the wood made the hairs on the back of Brody’s neck stand up.
“Come out and meet us, your Grace,” a guttural voice shouted. “We seek the honor of your presence.”
This was followed by laughter that dissolved into snarls and grunts.
Brody turned to Marek. “You’re king.” His voice was shaking. “Who would attack you in your own house?”
“My friends,” Julian said, moving into the dark, pulling Brody with him.


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  1. I can't believe this is almost over! I want more, I tell you, more!

    Are you going to turn this into a novel?

  2. Oh, this is so exciting! And I love the line "Julian breezed past them in a rush of metal and leather."

  3. I hope this isn't too close to finishing as I am enjoying it very much. I liked the "take a number..." lines. So funny. I think Julian's story is going to be great.

  4. Julie. . . I don't know about a novel, maybe a series. Thank you!

    Heatherlin: Glad you're enjoying

    L. M. . . . thank you

    Lily . .thanks for stopping by

  5. Excellent! I'm not ready for it to end... I want more ... :)

  6. I don't want it to be over yet but I want to know more about Julian. Does he have a lover? Inquiring minds want to know.

  7. Sui. . . More coming soon

    Pender . . Julian? A lover? What? Your connection is breaking up

  8. Over? you're kidding... I'll only accept "over" if I can get a full copy.... (that's a broad hint)

  9. LB. . .I got the hint. . I'm considering expanding this into a larger, single work. Thanks for stopping by!