Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Silver Flash

We’ve got bad guys, good guys and those . . . you know. . .in between types.
It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for the Silver Flash!
There were two prompts this week. I chose "What's that noise?"

Here’s the next to last chapter in Brody and Marek’s story . . .

Broken Promise, XI
“You need new friends,” Brody said, letting Julian pull him into the dark.
“They’re too close,” Marek said in a voice that made Brody’s belly curl into a tight ball. The king of vampires sounded scared. “Use the mover.”
“In position.” Julian stopped moving so fast, Brody ran into his broad back. “Marek? Talk to me.”
The floor shuddered, which scared hell out of Brody because the room was pitch black. Then the creaking started. “What’s that noise?” he said.
Marek wrapped his arms around Brody. “I have him. Go.”
A mini earthquake shook the floor, then they were going down. No. They were falling like a rocket that didn’t know which way was up.
Julian’s phone made a sound like a spaceship landing. When he answered, it lit up his lean face with a blue white glow that gave him the look of a creature not at all human. A very angry creature. “Yeah,” he said, “all of them. No survivors.”
He flipped the phone shut, plunging them into darkness again. From far above—much too far, Brody thought—came the faint sound of agonized screams.
No survivors.
The mover slowed, then came to a trembling halt.
“Stay close,” Marek said.
As if Brody planned to wander off into darkness so complete, they could have been on a world where daylight had never happened.
“Take him with you.” Julian’s voice came out of the dark. He was pushing Brody into Marek. “Warriors are standing by with an armored truck at the tunnel exit. I’m going back up.”
“No,” Marek said. “I know what you want with the invaders. You will not do that in my name.”
“Don’t worry,” Julian said. “I won’t mention you.”
A gush of faintly metallic air brushed dirt against Brody’s face, followed by a high creaking. Then Marek cursed roundly.
“Does he ever do what you say?” Brody asked.
“I’m going to pick you up and run,” Marek said.
There, in a dungeon so deep it could have been at the center of the earth, Brody smiled. Even when Marek was trying hard to be his lover and not the king of vampires, he didn’t quite make it. Maybe it was the fear running through him like high voltage current, or maybe it was that he needed to feel Marek closer than close. Brody didn’t know why he leaned into Marek and kissed him thoroughly, sliding his tongue over his soft lips, moving against his hard body, aching for Marek to mount him and take him deeply. He’d never felt that strong a need for his lover. It was delicious and hot and terrifying all at once.
Marek ran his big hands down Brody’s back and growled softly in his ear. “Later my heart, I’ll break my promise, over and over.” Then he swept Brody into his arms and raced through the utterly remorseless night.
Small rocks hit the close walls of the passage as Marek pounded down the narrow way. “Can you see?” Brody said.
“Of course.” Marek wasn’t even breathing hard. “I came into my manhood in a place like this.”
The running seemed to go on forever before Brody caught a reflection off wet shining rocks on the ground ahead. The air felt slightly fresher and they were moving upward when Marek put Brody on his feet. He pressed a finger to Brody’s lips and whispered into his ear, “Stay here. Wait for me.”
What? Was he kidding? 
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  1. Julian certainly deserves his own story, and Marek and Brody need some intimate time - onscreen!

    Keep going, please! :)

  2. Julie . . . one more episode. . . we'll see!

    Lily . . thanks for stopping by

  3. He left the guy? Holy crap, I'd be so mad.

  4. I was reading away like mad and then suddenly I read the line about the kindle. I went WTH? Then I realized I was at the end of the story. LOL. I seriously want to see Brody and Marek in action and Julian needs his own story.

  5. Pender,that made me laugh!You're right, Brody and Marek need some action . . . and Julian's story is coming up

  6. Lindsay. . . right? Marek would be in soooo much trouble

  7. *sniffles* It can't be ending so soon.

  8. L. M. . . . the time flew by, didn't it?

  9. My absolute favorite line... "As if Brody planned to wander off into darkness so complete, they could have been on a world where daylight had never happened."

    @Pender...Me too! Sheesh, Ryssa, give a girl some warning! LOL.

  10. @Em. . Julian will you his Kindle. . . after all. . . you *are* the Goddess!