Friday, May 27, 2011

Interview With Lucifer . . . Kick Off Celebration for Dark Angel, All the Stars

When Aeryn, Lucifer’s mortal lover is dragged off to be burned at the stake, Lucifer, Archangel of Hell, will move Heaven, Hell and Earth to reclaim his true love. . . .
Lucifer, the starring angel of my novella, Dark Angel, All the Stars, was nice enough to sit for an interview and tell me how he sees the world.
 Here it is, my Interview With the Dark Angel . . .
Me:        Thanks for coming, Lucifer. That was really nice of you.
Lucifer: Nice? You don’t remember signing the dotted line?
Me:        That was to get on your calendar, right?
Lucifer: *way too sneaky smile* Of course. What questions can I answer for you?
Me:        Well, I think readers might be wondering what your average day in Hell is like.
Lucifer: Torment.
Me:        Not the souls. You. What do you do?
Lucifer: *laughing* Torment. But that’s just to start my off morning. After I visit the lower chambers to see to see to everyone’s . . .ahhh. . comfort. . . I fly up to my office.
Me:        You have an office?
Lucifer: What do you think? That I bathe in flames and just hope Hell keeps burning?
Me:        Sort of.
Lucifer: Must be interesting to be human and so limited in your thinking. My office is what you would call a palace. Aery—you know who he is?
Me:        Everyone knows who he is. You made him famous. He says that in his interview he’ll be telling all about the bed of flames you two share.
Lucifer: *giving the interviewer a sharp look* I hope he drove a hard bargain for that.
Me:        He asked me to do this (interviewer snaps a picture of Lucifer with her phone). He said the look on your face would be priceless. *nervous laughter* He was right.
Lucifer: Your time on my calendar is nearly up. If you stay in Hell past your appointed time, you’ll be here with me quite a few centuries.
Me:        *shuffling through my questions* Right. Forgot about that. So, in your office, what do you do?
Lucifer: Review offers from mortals who send me requests to sell their souls. I cull the best ones, and send my imps to make an offer.
Me:        Let’s say a reader wants to sell their soul, how would they contact you? Is there a Do you have bargain basement sale days?
Lucifer: *leaning way too close* A soul in need of my services will always find me.
Me:        Great. So, my next question is the one that mortals have been ahh. . burning to know.
Lucifer: If you ask about the apple, I’ll promise you seven years of edits from Hell.
Me:        *swallowing* Well, not the apple, exactly, but you know, were you really there in the Garden of Eden?
Lucifer: Of course. I was the most beautiful creature in creation, the most worshipped, until mortals came into the picture. I had to see these new “mirrors of divinity” as they were called. *gives this reporter a slow up and down look* I wasn’t impressed.
Me:        But you fell in love with a mortal.
Lucifer: The Garden was eons ago. Aery . . . he changed me. Mortals are more than just souls for sale. I see that now. He loves me. It’s what my brother Raphael would call a miracle.
Me:        And you? Do you love him?
Lucifer: *a long thoughtful pause* If I had to, I would let go of every soul I’ve collected since the beginning of time, if it meant I could keep Aery.
Me:        Looks like my time is just about up.
Lucifer: *wicked smile* Are you sure I can’t entice you to stay?
It was a close call, but I made it out of Hell just before Lucifer’s Infernal Calendar Clock slammed the gates shut.
Dark Angel, All the Stars is coming out tomorrow! You can pre-order here.

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So. . .what did you always want to know? Ask Lucifer .  .  . he knows everyone’s secrets. . .


  1. I have always wanted to know what Lucifer would consider HIS biggest weakness and his biggest strength

  2. @Tina. . . Lucifer says his biggest strength is he drives a hard bargain for a soul. . . his biggest weakness? For a price, he'll tell you. What are you offering?

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  3. Sounds like an awesome book, but- I've learned not to treat with the Devil. So no questions form me! A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing!

  4. @LB. . . Lucifer says it's mortals like you that make eternity tough . . .

    Thanks for stopping by. You're entered in the giveaway!

  5. A little scary asking Lucifer a question ya know. Don't really want him to know who I am and all. Could you ask him though, does he like Slush Puppies and stuff like that? Also does steam come out of his mouth or nose when he does eat something frosty cold. LOL

  6. @Chris. . Lucifer says if you bring him Slush Puppies in person. . you'd get to see if he steams or not. Just an offer. . you know?

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  7. I have a question for Lucifer, Ryssa. Can you ask him to turn down the heat, cause it's getting HOT in here.....LOL