Sunday, May 1, 2011

Short Story Contest and Marathon . . . Win a Short Story Everyday in June

Special Offer For Love Romances Cafe fans. . .
If you stopped by today (May 23rd) from Love Romances Cafe, leave a comment and let me know, and you'll be entered to win thirty stories in the month of June! How easy is that?

May 28th: The release of Dark Angel, All the Stars, part 2 of my Immortal Pleasures series.

June 1st: The release of my short story “The Moon House” in First Time For Everything, a Daily Dose Anthology from Dreamspinner Press.

Release dates. . . that must mean a contest, right?
Yeah!  It does. Here goes.
I’ve been falling behind on my short story reading.
This month, I’m committing to reading twenty short stories.
All you have to do to enter the contest is leave a comment on my blog for that day’s short story. Each commenter’s name will be entered once.
On May 31st, I’ll pick four names from the commenters.
Third Runner Up: $5 Gift Certificate to Silver Publishing.
First and Second Runners Up: Free copies of Dark Angel, All the Stars
Grand Prize Winner:
A story a day in June from the First Time For Everything Dreamspinner Press Daily Dose.

Love Romances Cafe peoples. . . don't forget to leave your comment letting me know you were here. . .


  1. Wow! The hog farmer. I think I'll be getting this one soon. It doesn't seem to be something that can be passed up.

  2. this sounds quite the contest idea. I love short stories and try and get a few books of short stories at times. Always love the Chicken soup for.....books. susan Leech

  3. @Hi Susan. . . thanks for stopping by!

    You're entered to win thirty virgins. . . ahh. . stories about virgins. . .