Saturday, June 25, 2011

Get a signed copy of my new release . . . Immortal Pleasures

What's better than two Archangels in love? Two of course. . .

Check out my new print release!  Michael's banished, and he's fallen in love with a mortal, but soon his banishment will end and they'll be torn apart. . . . Lucifer finds his true love, but an enemy is out for vengeance. What will an Archangel do for love? Find out in Immortal Pleasures . . . Warrior Angel, Heart's Desire and Dark Angel, All the Stars together in one volume . . .

Want a free signed copy? Check out my blog story, "Warrior Prince, Sky's the Limit"  and post your answer to this question here in the comment section . . .

Julian is (1) a sleepwalker   (2) a Dark Worlder  (3) a hot kisser

I'll put all the right answers in the Winner's Box and on Wednesday, June 29th, I'll pick two lucky readers and mail out signed copies!

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  1. Julian is... a Dark Worlder. :)

    Love the story. :)