Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Silver Flash

We’ve got virgins, bling-bling, and really, really short stories. . .It must be time for the Silver Flash!
This week the prompt was three items: highlighter, hourglass, coffee mug
Marek and Brody’s story continues . . .
Broken Promise, IX
Narrow slashes criss-crossed the Hunter’s chest and face as if some wild animal with cruelly sharp claws had been at him. Marek’s face froze into a smooth, neutral mask. “There will come a day brother, when your hourglass with me has run out.”
That the Hunter was hurt didn’t seem important to Marek. It was obvious that Julian doing it without his permission mattered far more. Brody reminded himself that Marek was king of vampires, as in not human.
“I’ll leave him where you can find him.” Julian’s sleek, muscled body faded into the dark.
“Is the Hunter dead?” Brody said.
“My brother has his own way of doing things,” Marek said thoughtfully. “Remember that. His ways are not my ways.”
Greyson had stopped the truck in front of narrow steps leading up to Marek’s front door. Walls rose on either side of the stone staircase, making it look like an angled tunnel. Two guards stood at the top. They were naked to the waist and all muscle. Even standing still, their eyes straight ahead, there was no question they would die protecting Marek.
Brody slipped by them the way he always did—as close to Marek as he could. Inside, just to the left was a winding staircase that led up to the second level where Julian lived, and beyond that to Marek’s rooms.
“I would ask that you go up to my rooms with Greyson,” Marek said.
When Marek fell into his ‘king’ talk, he was desperately trying not to give Brody orders. Being the vampire king’s mate was hard work. And Brody tried, he really did, but tonight there was no way he could be the brave mate who sacrificed for his lover. He folded himself into Marek’s arms and said quietly, “I can’t. I’m sorry.”
Marek ran a gentle hand through Brody’s hair. “Will you wait in another room with Greyson? I won’t be far.”
Hard as he tried, Brody couldn’t get the Hunter’s limp, blood-streaked body out of his mind. “What did you mean Julian’s ways aren’t yours?”
Julian eased out of the darkness, moving with the stealth of a seasoned assassin. “I got rid of the paperwork and your lap top and the highlighters and all the other bullshit you don’t need. He’s on your desk,” he said. “Sand’s falling, brother. You need to make a decision.”
Among themselves, vampires measured time by falling sand in hourglasses. Turning so he shielded Brody with his body, Marek said, “Leave my presence.”
“You’re welcome,” Julian said, and stalked past them to the door. It banged shut behind him hard enough to jangle Brody’s ragged nerves.
In the moment of silence that followed, the shadows seemed to grow deeper. 
The half-breed had been waiting on the steps. “You want me to send him flowers and a make-up note?”
“See to it my brother and his warriors are paid for their work tonight,” Marek said.
“I’d send him silver from the coffee mug that used to be on your desk, but it’s all over the floor in pieces,” Greyson said, “real little pieces.”
Marek gave him a withering look and opened his mouth to say something. But his phone rang. He pulled it from his pocket, eyed the caller ID and said, “What is it, Julian?”

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  1. Bet you're sorry you chose those three items, aren't you? lol

    Good installment, can't wait to see more!

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  3. Great stuff. I agree with Julie - I bet you wish you'd given an easier prompt.

  4. very nice. I can't wait for more

  5. Julie, L.M. -- Yes! No more highlighters and hourglasses in the same story!

  6. Sui, Victoria, Lily . . thank you!

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  8. Jo Ann . . thanks for stopping by!

  9. That worked pretty well. Looking forward to the next update ... and the much easier prompt. :)

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  11. Nancy. . . glad you're enjoying Marek and Brody. Thanks for stopping by!