Saturday, March 26, 2011

Warrior Angel, Heart's Desire Contest . . . Win A Kindle!

Today's my release date and I'm doing all kinds of celebrating. I already gave away a free copy of Warrrior Angel, Heart's Desire last night on Face Book. But that was a sneak peek.

Today, the real contest begins!

Here are the contest rules:

There will be four questions (all based on Warrior Angel, Heart's Desire)

Readers will email me and send me the answers

The contest will run from March 26th to April 26th
There will be three winners.

Two runners up will win free copies of Warrior Angel, Heart's Desire.

The Grand Prize Winner will get a . . . . Kindle!

So. . . here we go...

The four questions are:

Michael has two brothers. What are their names?

In the Seed Cathedral. who is running the Hell Gate?

What kind of motorcycle does Michael ride?

At the end of the story, what color are Michael's wings?

Two ways to win:
(a) Purchase Warrior Angel, Heart's Desire. All the answers are there.


(b) Stay tuned to my Facebook page for "Treasure Hunt" hints. 

When you have all the answers, email me: with the words "KINDLE CONTEST" in the subject line. . .

Come on. . . join the treasure hunt and get started on your way to a free Kindle!