Sunday, May 8, 2011

Short Story Contest / Marathon #5: Risico by Ian Fleming

Quick and Dirty Summary:
Are you kidding? This is Bond, James Bond. Okay. Here goes.

This is a short story from Ian Fleming's Quantum of Solace.
The players:
James Bond – super spy
Kristatos – double dealing pirate who smuggles opium
Columbo – pirate with a heart of gold
The beautiful Bond girl – does her name really matter?

The places:
London, Venice, coast of Italy
What the heck happened?
James Bond is hired to stop opium coming out of Italy. Kristatos agrees to help but his price is for James Bond to kill Columbo, a pirate who knows a little too much about the opium business.
James figures out the double cross, and  . . . it’s all Bond from there.
Great read! Ian Fleming at the top of his form.
This is part of the short story contest. Here’s what you could win:
Third Runner Up: $5 Gift Certificate to Silver Publishing.
First and Second Runners Up: Free copies of Dark Angel, All the Stars
Grand Prize Winner:
A story a day in June from the First Time For Everything Dreamspinner Press Daily Dose.
What you can do to be in the May 31st drawing:
Leave a comment on today’s short story.
How easy is that?


  1. Here's my review of the books of yours that I read. Well let me tell you Dark Angel was so good I went and bought the 1st book. I'll tell you what made these books so good. They got right down to the heart of their story. No dilly-dallying around, just right to the point. The characters were well thought out and lovable. They had everyday fears about life even if the would live forever or with the Devil himself. A plus to both books. If you haven't bought Warrior Angel then do it now. Then be in line for Dark Angel when it comes out...;)

  2. Chris, thanks for your kind words about the angels