Saturday, May 7, 2011

Short Story Contest / Marathon, Story #4: You Never See Apaches by Elmore Leonard

Quick and Dirty Summary:
Angsman is a cowboy who's seen a few round ups, and even more fools.

Ed Hyde  is a man with a map that leads to gold hidden in a place out in nowhere, marked by a stone sombrero.
Billy's a young cowboy with more dreams than brains.

They all head deep into Apache territory with a map, dreams of gold, and absolutely not enough idea of what Apaches will do if you spill blood in their territory.

Classic Elmore Leonard western story!

This is a story in the Story Contest. Leave a comment and you'll be entered in the drawing to win a short story a day from Dreamspinner Press!

***JUST FOR TODAY*** Fans who leave a comment on today's blog post will be entered into a drawing to win an Advance copy of Dark Angel, All the Stars, part two of my Immortal Pleasures series.

The winner of the Advance copy is . . . ceagles!  Way to go! Please email me.


  1. oops I left a comment on the link I followed for the contest. So quick review; love historical westerns. M/M is an added bonus. ;)

  2. @ceagles . . who can resist a cowboy? Thanks for stopping by!

  3. 20 more days, it is going too slow, but I picked up a copy of Soulless by Gail Carriger, saw your review of it. Still waiting for a release date for Dreaming of a Kiss, I can't wait for either to come out! Always keeping an eye on your posts on FB and here on your Blog! LOL That is the stalker in me!!!!

  4. The count down has begun...20 more days!
    Lucifer will be finding a home in my "Kindle".

    I really love my "Michael"....I can have him, can't I? Please?

  5. Ryssa i just finished reading part one Immortal Pleasures series:-) i cant not wait for the reash of part two.

  6. @Jo Ann. . . I love stalkers! I don't have a release date for Dreaming of a Kiss yet. I'll post it as soooon as I get it.

    @Patricia . . 20 more days. . .Lucifer's flying as fast as he can

    @Missy...Thank you and thanks for stopping by!

  7. @Jo Ann. . I missed your comment on Soulless the first time. I love that series. She cracks me up. I hope you like

  8. I would love to win Dark Angel to take on vacation this way I have 1 & 2 to read : )

  9. Hi Denise! You're in the drawing. Good luck! And thanks for stopping by

  10. I've read all your books and I love them all. Can't wait to read Dark Angel. I love the covers for the Immortal Pleasures series. They are so HOT!!!

  11. @Alice . . . thank you! Good luck in the drawing